Our team

Lou Mancuso "The Landing Doctor"


Lou, a 7000 hr CFI,  is passionate about safety and that is why he and his son Mike created "The Landing Doctor"

Mike Mancuso


"Mike has 14,000 and is the best pilot I know" says his proud father Louis Mancuso.

Mike has 7 Jet Type Ratings, flies a Jet Helicopter, and was the #4 wing man for the Northern Lights Aerobatic Team for 15 years.

Vincent Basile


Vince Basile is a CFI, sales manager and partner in Mid Island Air Service, Inc. He has been working with the Mancuso Family for over 40 years.

Kari Mancuso Cates


Kari is a breath of fresh air and handles all the finances with a smile.

Susan Mancuso Guerra


Susan runs the family loan company, "The Mancuso Group". She is in charge of all loan approvals for our students attending our Flight Academy in Sebring Florida.

Evan Damadeo


Evan is a CFI and General Manager of our Flight School in Shirley, NY.

Evan and Lou share the same passion for safety and working with spreadsheets.

He is a pleasure to work with.

Gail Mancuso


Gail on the right along with sisters Gloria, left, and Juanita. Mom in the center.

Gail is General Manager of our Islip FBO and is responsible for our Aero Camps.

Brant Howell


Brant is a 12,000 CFI and General Manager of our Sebring Flight Academy.

Brant and his wife Phyllis are the perfect match for our young Flight Academy cadets.

John Rathmell


Captain John Rathmell is former military pilot, former Airline Captain, and the best salesman I know. He is very knowledgeable about the Bristell and loves to spend time with new potential customers and current ecstatically happy existing customers.

Rich Maisano


Rich is our mechanic that keeps the fleet in the air. Our Bristell's are rarely on the ground thanks to Rich's skills.

Betty Wentzel


Betty is Lou's best friend and helps with many aspects of  the Mancuso businesses.

Betty owns the house that the Sebring Flight Academy students use in Sebring, FL.

Milan Bristela


Milan is an Aeronautical Engineer, the designer of the Bristell, and most recently a Grandpa to Radka's Elizabeth. Son Martin, in the picture, is an avid pilot and very knowledgeable about the Bristell.