GPA Videos & Testimonials


Greg Lettieri

"Learning to fly with the Mancuso family was the best thing I ever did."

Lou invites Greg as a 20 year old to become a CFI

Greg became an LSA CFI and taught in Mid Island Air Service LSA aircraft when he had only 150TT. He was paid for most of the hours in his log book. 

Greg flies a Legacy Jet today-look at that smile

The Sebring Flight Academy follows the Landing Doctor Code and is the least expensive program in the USA for becoming an Airline Pilot.

Tom and Kathy Holer

"It was great working with Lou and his team form my Bristell purchase. Kathy and I are flying all over the USA and having a ball."

Harold Wickham

" I call my Bristell "The Rock Star". I love my plane and love the Bristell team".

Joe Weiss

"Lou Mancuso is one of the most caring, reputable and sincere men I have ever met in aviation".

GPA videos

My best Landing Tip by Jason


Slow Flight Down the runway by AOPA Air Safety Foundation


Old time CFI uses GPA