aero adventure adventrua ii lsa


Adventura II LSA Specifications

30' 8" Long   161'7" Sq ft of wing area results in low 38 kt stall speed with flaps

The wing loading is only 8.2 lbs per sq.ft. and the load factor is +4/-2 g

Maneuvering Speed is 80 MPH and Vne is 110 Mph

The Adventura has been around for over 20 years and is a proven design.

Cross Wind Component is 11 mph

It is wise to fly in light winds and minimum cross winds until you comfortable.

Storage is 30 pounds in the baggage area behind the seats

Tie the baggage down with straps to prevent it sliding back and creating an aft CG.

Cruise speed is 80 MPH-5 GPH for a 4 hour endurance-21 gallons

Range is about 300 miles, Gross is 1440, Empty is 900 and useful Load is 540 lbs.

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Performance Wing

 Faster than a Cessna Skyhawk when you choose the performance wing-120 knots.

Wing Span 26'8" ft

The longer wing results in shorter takeoffs and better climb, which is recommended for runways less than 1500 feet and for high altitude operations.

Wing Area 113 sq ft

High wing area is best for high altitude operations and best combined with the 914 Turbo.

Wing Loading 11.68 lbs/sq ft

Planes with higher wing loading handle better in turbulent air.

Planes fly smoother in turbulence if you pick up the dropped wing with ailerons and rudder.

Length 21' 2" Height 7'5"

All Bristell models are the same length and height. 

Cabin Width 51" Wide




Gross Weight 1320 lbs

As an EAB, experimental amateur built, this same plane can have a gross weight of 1500 lbs.

Empty Weight 720 lbs

 The standard wing adds 12 pounds to the empty weight

Useful Load 600 lbs

Our average well equipped Bristell has an empty weight of about 800 pounds.

Payload-4 hours fuel 500 lbs

 Payload is less with full tanks.

Fuel tank capacity 31.7 gal

All Bristell models have the same size fuel tanks.

Endurance-no reserves 6 hours

The 912 iS Sport with the fuel injected engine burns only 4 gph and has a 7 hour endurance.



Wing luggage 44 lbs in each waterproof wing locker

Heavy items are placed in the wings, right on the center of gravity, making It is easy to keep the Bristell in balance. Why would you own a plane without wing lockers?

Fuselage luggage 30 lbs

 Two airline style carry-on bags fit behind the pilots seat. It is easy to reach a chart or water bottle

Fuselage luggage-hat shelf 7 lbs

Light weight items like jackets and hats are safe to plane on the rear hat shelf.

Nose compartment luggage 8 lbs

 There is room for an additional storage area in the space where the BRS chute goes.

Load Factors +4/-2 g

The Bristell is strong, but not approved for aerobatics.


OPERATIONAL SPEEDS-performance wing


Never Exceed Speed Vne 157 knots

This high Vne means the Bristell is very strong                               

Cruise Speeds 120 knots

Faster than a Cessna Skyhawk

Stall speed without flaps 44 knots Vs1

 The stall speeds clean are about the same.

Stall speed with full flaps 36 knots Vso

The slightly higher stall speed on the performance wing is desirable as the plane will not be airborne at 31 knots, leaving it susceptible to cross winds.

Maneuvering speed Va 96 knots

 Maneuvering speed is the speed you use in rough air. At this speed the wing would stall before any damage would occur to the airframe.

Maximum Flap Extend speed 75 knots

Vfe is 75 kias.


Rotax 912 ULS

Rotax 912 iS Sport

Rotax 912 iS Sport


This 100 HP engine has a 2000 hour TBO and expected overhaul cost of about $14,000. The dual aneroid carburetors assure a perfect fuel flows and a clean running engine.

This engine is included in the base price of the Bristell.

Rotax 912 iS Sport

Rotax 912 iS Sport

Rotax 912 iS Sport


The 912iS Sport is 102 HP and is a fuel injected engine. It burns only 4 GPH in ECO cruise and eliminated the need to overhaul carburetors every 300 hours. The charge for this desirable fuel efficient engine is about $12,950 Option.

Rotax 914 Turbo

Rotax 912 iS Sport

Rotax 914 Turbo


The 914 produces 115 HP for five minutes resulting in exceptional climb rates. When combined with the standard long wing it is the best choice for high altitude airports. This is the 80 HP carburetor engine boosted with a turbo. The charge for this option is about $23,995. 

Rotax 915 Turbo

Rotax 915 Turbo

Rotax 914 Turbo


The 141 HP 915 is fuel injected and turbo charged. The additional power may be used continuously resulting in superior climb and cruise speeds. We are currently testing this engine in our Bristell with various props.

FITI Propeller

Rotax 915 Turbo

FITI Propeller


The dependable FITI prop is standard and included in the base price of the Bristell


Rotax 915 Turbo

FITI Propeller


The DUC prop is manufactured in France and is our top of the line propeller which enhances climb and cruise. It is made of carbon fiber and its carbon fiber black looks fantastic with certain paint schemes.

It is available as an option.